Whole Eggplant Steamed Baba ghanoush(V,GF)

Whole Eggplant Steamed Baba ghanoush(V,GF)   Do you like Babaghanoush? It’s Middle Eastern Stater or appetizer made from Eggplant, tahini Lime Juice etc… and made from Grilled or Bake […]

Easy One step “Shio Koji”

Easy One step “Shio Koji” do you know about “Shio Koji”? It’s Japanese Traditional fermented seasoning made from Koji, Salt and Water. has rich Umami with gentle sweetnes […]


PESTO(V,GF,FERMENTED) most famous Product by @uguisu_sabou use Asian Sweet Basil instead Italian Basil. super Rich taste from plenty of Organic Cashew and Umami from Shio Koji.   INGREDIENTS: ・50 […]