Dhal Curry – basic dhal curry (V,GF)

Dhal Curry – basic Dhal Curry(V,GF)     INGREDIENTS: serves 2-3 ・90g Yellow M00ng Bean ・600cc Spring Water ・120g Onion ・Ginger ・5 cloves Garlic ・1/4 tsp Mustard seed ・1/8 tsp Fenugreek […]

Green Curry made from scratch(V,GF)

Green Curry made from scratch(V,GF)   Have you tried Green Curry made from the scratch? It’s so Special and not so Difficult. Normally, Green Curry using Shrimp Paste and Fish Sauce. I use […]

Easy One step “Shio Koji”

Easy One step “Shio Koji” do you know about “Shio Koji”? It’s Japanese Traditional fermented seasoning made from Koji, Salt and Water. has rich Umami with gentle sweetnes […]