Easy & Quick, Hemp MISO (V,GF,SOY & NUT FREE)

Easy & Quick, Hemp MISO.

Hemp is Natural Supplement! has perfect balance of Omega, Minerals, Proteins, Fiber and Vitamins. must take it your Everyday Meals.

This MISO isn’t suit for MISO Soup. this is Eatable MISO like Dip & Sauce. Just dip with Fresh Veggies or even with Brown Rice, so tasty.

Normally, MISO need to wait for minimum 6 month or so but this Recipe is using a lots of Koji more than Hemp Seed so, quickly fermented just wait for only 1 month and get Ready for Enjoy.



・500g Brown Rice Koji
・220g Hemp Seed(without Shell)
・70g Natural Salt




1. Soaked Hemp Seed in Spring Water for 15min(not Included the Ingredients)

2. Koji & Salt Together and lightly Processed and set aside.

3. Drain water from Hemp seed (Don’t throw the water)and lightly Processed.

4. Everything together in a big bowl and well mixed with your clean hands.

5. Pour the water(from 3.) and adjust the texture. If you use much water, add some salt.

6. Transfer to clean container and sealing the surface with cooking paper or bees wrap(anything you have)

7. Put on the lid and leave in cool area the Miso to ferment about 1 month.




If you are in Cambodia, you can get “Koji” from @Uguisu_Sabou
Hemp Seed from @Zenopium



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・玄米麹または麹 500g(玄米麹がオススメ)
・ヘンプシードナッツ 220g
・天然塩 70g




1. ヘンプシードをたっぷりの水に浸水します(15分ほど)

2. 麹と塩を合わせて塩切り麹にし、フードプロセッサーで攪拌し取り出しておきます。

3. ヘンプシードの水を切り(水は捨てない)軽く攪拌します。

4.すべての材料を混ぜ合わせ、お好みの方さになるまで 3 の水を足しながら調整します。水を多く加えた場合は塩(適量)を足してください。大体で大丈夫です。

5. しっかりと混ぜたら、清潔な容器に移しラップやクッキングシートで表面を覆い、蓋をして1ヶ月からが食べごろです。






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