Cashew Nut MISO(Soy Free)

Cashew Nut MISO(Soy Free)


This is easy, quick and Soy free Miso Recipe. Rich flavor from Plenty of Koji and fermented Cashews. Normally, MISO need to wait for minimum 6 month or so but this Recipe is using a lots of Koji more than Cashews so quickly fermented just wait for only 2 weeks and get enough Savory flavor.

Very useful for making Vegan Cheese, Cheesy flavor and it will gives great rich taste for Vegan Sweets. You can use it like a Nutritional yeast. the best combination with fresh Veggies use like a dip sauce.



・1kg Koji
・400g Cashew Nut(Raw)
・80g〜 good Salt


1. Koji & Salt Together and lightly Processed and set aside.

2. Boil the Cashews a few minutes. Drain water( Don’t throw the boiled water) and well Processed.

3. Everything together in a big bowl and well mixed with your clean hands.

4. Pour the build water and adjust the texture. If you use much build water, add some salt.

5. Transfer to clean container and sealing the surface with cooking paper or bees wrap(anything you have)

6. Put on the lid and leave in cool area the Miso to ferment about 2 weeks〜



If you are in Cambodia, you can get “Koji” from @Uguisu_Sabou



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・麹 1kg
・生カシューナッツ 400g
・天然塩 80g〜


1. 麹と塩を合わせて塩切り麹にし、フードプロセッサーで攪拌し取り出しておきます。

2. カシューナッツはサッと茹でて、フープロで細かくします。⚠️茹で汁は捨てずにとっておいて下さい。

3. 全てを混ぜ合わせ、お好みの固さになるまで茹で汁で調整します。茹で汁を加えた分、塩を適当に加える様にしてください。よく混ぜ合わせ、容器に詰めてラップやクッキングシートで表面を覆い、蓋をして寝かせます。2週間からが食べごろです。





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